May 10, 2015
angelsreview (All reviews)
Oh brother… this was sort of a boring OVA. Sadly, it didn’t clean up any of the questions that I had after the TV version. It was definitely just an extra episode that had nothing really to add to the series. Kind of sad really as all it was seemed to be just random slice of life even more so then the TV show. The plot was barely there, the thought of the show just seemed to string by in a rather odd sort of way. It’s really hard to explain a review for a single episode.

We did get to see Misaki’s Mother and younger sister more but their personality hadn’t changed at all since the TV show. Again we didn’t get a lot from them at all, just her sister winning stuff and her mother acting clueless at times. They also use a gag that was used twice in the TV show again which just seemed a little overkill on that. Once, alright… I can picture this happening. Twice… maybe it could happen again. It’s just a matter of timing. Three times… that part of the street is just cursed right?

The artwork is just the same as the TV series, its good but nothing stands out. The artwork is colorful but sometimes lacks in detail and every once in a while we get large blocks of color behind a character instead of showing the real background. There is still some flowers and strange lines that pop up out of no where to show different emotions but it just feels like the same stuff I have seen before.

The voices are the same and I do have to say that some of the characters dubbings grew on me from watching the TV show. Not saying they were good or anything, but just that they were the same voices as before with the same sort of dialog. I did end up seeing slightly more emotion from Usui which was a plus but still, his voice had that same sort of drone that was present in the TV version.

Like I said, this really was just a bland episode for me although it did show another interesting side of a couple characters. Not really worth watching if you didn’t like the main story but it’s alright if you finished the story and want that one more episode.