Apr 30, 2015
callofthewind (All reviews)
Before reading this reviews, please keep in mind that I have an erratic way of scoring. SO THIS PROBABLY GONNA BE ME FANGASMING.

Story: 10/10
Just kidding, the humor is great especially if you like visual novels.The story is an epic tale of an otaku king conquering all the chicks with all the generic quirks while battling for the fate of world itself(this actually happens)

Art: 10/10
The girls look ok but what makes the manga is the art of the setting. It becomes a little no game no life at the end with strategy and shit. The transitional in art style reminds me of how erratically monogatari changes scenes
Character: 10/10
Keima all the way. He's probably one of the most likable protags (besides soma).His wit and pure craziness is what drives the story forward. I'm sure everyone has their best girl(mine's chihiro) but they all pale in comparison to the one true god,KEIMA KATSURAGI.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I could watch keima in almost any kind of series whether it be in fighting devils, time travel or reviving goddesses. Oh wait that kinda already happens in the manga spoilersss...

Overall: 10/10
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