Apr 29, 2015
dyslina (All reviews)
Tekkon Kinkreet took me by surprise. At first I noticed the superb art and choice of colour, but then the story evolved and it completely took me of guard.

Story: It's sad and dark but not too heavy due to its more comical scenes. The only thing I could've wished for was more backstory as well as explaining more in depth of Kuro's feelings, why he did the things he did etc.

Art: Simply amazing. My eyes had several orgasms watching this. I also like how they chose to colour this, it is very colourful and happy for such a sad story, but it really works! I think it was intentional to do so, I think that all the details and happy colours were there to show us the false image of reality, how we see the world. The story and the art clashes, but in a way that made me think. I thought that maybe this is a cheerful story watching the first minutes; but the further I got the more I felt like something was wrong, the story didn't match, life in this city wasn't as easy as what met the eye, it wasn't pleasant or beautiful, it was ugly and full of hatred, sorrow and dysfunctional living conditions. The false image gave a pleasent rethinker and a very interesting feel to the movie, it was almost as if you were confused but understood everything. Colourful art that feel sad isn't and everyday experience.

Sound: It fits the story and didn't feel repetitive, but nothing that really stuck with you after it ended.

Character: Oh damn do I love Shiro! My heart broke when he screamed that heartclenching scream while being taken away from Kuro. Shiro has a Asberger's feel to him(but that's not confirmed), very childish for his age but also very wise, he's accurately pictured as a child but also someone who has been abandoned, living on the street and been forced to grow up too quickly. Kuro acts like the parent, taking care of Shiro and putting him above everything; without Shiro he feels no reason to live. What I like about Kuro's character-display is that we are shown that he's vulnerable as well, that he too is still a child and not always the strong tough guy saving the day.

Enjoyment: I loved it, it had me glued to the screen the whole time and not because the story was fast and you had to try and keep up with it, but because it was so utterly beautiful.

Overall: This was a fantastic ride and I'm so disappointed for not taking it upon myself to watch this earlier. The characters were so real with flaws and feelings and actions based on real thought and emotions; everything isn't perfect, sometimes you don't make the perfect decision and sometimes your feelings aren't rational but that's human. When the characters expressed feelings they expressed it in a realistic way, I could literally feel Shiro's pain in my bones. And all this while this beautiful artwork is doing it's thing, being colourful was a bold move but also the right move, I don't think the story would have been as good if it was dark through and through.

I'd recommend it to everyone, even if you aren't a sucker for sad animes this is worth your time, it's the perfect amount of sad and happy. And if that STILL doesn't float you boat, watch it for the art and visuals, so so beautiful! The art man, THE ART!