Apr 28, 2015
Dreams (Anime) add (All reviews)
Meteor_Jam (All reviews)
Ah, Dreams. A 5 minute movie. Let me summarize this "movie" with one simple phrase:
It's garbage.
Seriously. Nothing about it is good. You have a terrible art style that looks like it was drawn by a kid with very simple animation, and really weird music that just confuses you even further rather than setting the correct tone.
Ah, and now the characters. The most important part of any story, whether it is a book, movie, anime, or even a live-action tv series. I would love to provide a detailed description of the characters in "Dreams", the problem is that:
There are no characters.
Seriously. No protagonist, no antagonist, no side characters, no death fodder. Nothing. Right... so how am I supposed to get immersed in this again? Why do I even care about anything that is happening?
And the story is the most confusing thing you will ever see. Just a bunch of things mixing together, eyes that wink, and dots with random colors. I'm quite certain that the person who made this took LSD, Meth, Cocaine, and Ecstasy at the same time, and then proceeded to make this anime. There is no comprehensible explanation for anything that happens!
This is quite frankly the vaguest thing you will ever see. This is just food for those pretentious overthinkers that want to feel special because they watch anime that is "2deep4u" and that requires "higher intellect" in order to be understood. When in reality that is just complete BS since there is nothing deep about this anime at all.
The only way this requires "higher intellect" is if you are so high that you can somehow make up a BS meaning for everything that is happening in this.
Which is basically impossible since there is no meaning at all.