Apr 26, 2015
Jeka-K (All reviews)
"All you ever do is cling on to things. You'll never be able to go anywhere unless you learn how to let go." Those are the words of the main antagonist of this film, Mishakuji Yukari. What do they mean? Are they true?

Bearing with the loss of their beloved King, the members of HOMRA disband and go their own ways, leaving Yata to spend lonely days at the bar watching old videos Totsuka had recorded, Rikio and Anna spending their days together, other members hanging out and avoiding the bar. However, how long will the peacefulness last?

Story: 8
This film was intended to be the closure to the cliffhanger of the original story and, in my opinion, did a quite good job there. It answered a lot of questions and gave us more insight on the deaths of Totsuka and Mikoto we had already witnessed in the anime prequel. However, I must say I was confused at some points of the film and it made it harder for me to continue watching it. At some points I had to pause and go back a bit so I would understand what was going on. With more questions answered, we just got more questions to ask - Why did this happen? What did this character mean by saying that? What has just happened? I'd say that the story, compared to the stories of some other animes or the K anime prequel, was not well-written and it did not reach its potential.

Art: 10
The art of K stays flawless in this film as well. The scenery, the colours - ah, nostalgia! I especially liked the lightning and the animations of flames and special powers the characters used during the film. The animation is splendid - I re-watched some scenes way too many times!

Sound: 10
What could happen with an amazing voice actor cast and the people who did the OST for the original series? This film. The voice acting was beautiful as always and the OST just made the whole thing shine even more. I especially liked the fact that some of the tracks from the original OST were used. There was also a song sung by Anna and I got goosebumps! The only thing that bothered me a little bit is the parts where the background music was a bit louder than the voices, but it can also give it more charm for others. Overall, majestic.

Character: 8
I really liked the original characters and it was really nice seeing them in action again. Some of them got more development and some of them were shown in situations we've never seen them before, which was refreshing. The main antagonist of this film really caught my eye and I saw a lot of potential in him, but in the end I ended up a bit disappointed. We never got to see any background story on him or character development - just a plain, shallow character who served to trigger the plot. I wish the creators put more effort in developing him.

Enjoyment: 10
As a former K fan, I enjoyed this greatly. It was so nice to see K back again without having to re-watch the original series. There was just enough action, as well as comic relief moments and some moments that could bring one to tears. The music and the animation just make you let yourself be sucked into the world of K. It was truly a magical experience.

Overall: 9
Overall, this film was very good. It had a good amount of everything and I'm sure it'd be a nice experience to all of you K fans. I give it an 8 because of the lack of story and character development, but I also recommend it to all of you. At least it's worth giving it a try.

This story teaches and shows us people at a whole new start, people forgiving and being forgiven. In this film you'll see people letting go of old, and embracing new bonds that will certainly change their lives towards better.