Apr 24, 2015
thatasiangirll (All reviews)
Many people will say Diabolik Lovers is a waste of time but everyone has there own opinions and mine is that I really really really loved this anime. Yes I understand that Yui Komori is being sexually harassed but all the guys and they can be a little odd at sometimes but having a twist like this and not the typical ¨Twilight¨ stuff is a new change. Through out the season we get to learn stuff about each character and there background. There are many people out there who doesn't like that this girl is treated this way but all of us just really need to remember that this is just made up, and that the only real sexually parts to this is when there ¨feeding¨ on her. The main characters are vampires to point out and they aren't real so no one needs to worry about seeing a girl out in reality sucking someones blood. The art is very impressive in these series and I really enjoyed on how much detail they put into each scene. Which isn't even that graphic. All you see mainly is one of the guys biting her, and maybe a little blood once in a while. But that mainly it to the ¨gross parts¨ The plot is something I would have not suspected and that's just what wanted me to keep watching and waiting for what would happen next, and I can't wait until they make the second season. The characters are very well laid out there personalities are all different, and they all have different looks. At the end of the last episode I didn't quite like it because they leave us off on a cliffhanger, but don't worry if you decide to watch this amazing piece of artwork season 2 will probably answer our undying questions. I do truly hope you will give this a go even if it may seem something you don't watch just give it another try.
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