Apr 24, 2015
Realhumanbean (All reviews)
In what can be considered the grand finale of Jojo, Stone Ocean has a lot to live up to. But does it deliver?

STORY: 9/10
Stone Ocean starts 10 years after Golden Wind. It follows Jotaro’s daughter, Jolyne, as she’s wrongfully imprisoned in a jail whose warden, the mysterious Father Pucci, my have ties to DIO.

Stone Ocean is one of the more dramatic Parts. It is much more story focused than other Parts, who used their stories as excuses to go on a voyage to encounter fight after fight. Stone Ocean’s plot is one that truly concludes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure up until this point, and it delivers. In particular, the ending is one that deserves praise and offers a beautiful end to one of the most legendary manga series of all time…until Part 7 that is! Stone Ocean is a fantastic and dramatic ride that packs an emotional punch that hits harder than the physical ones thrown in fights.

ART: 9/10
I may be a tad biased because Stone Ocean is the only Part whose colored scans are fully translated in English. It has some truly beautiful artwork and the colors make it all the more better. Character designs take a minor hit however. Jotaro looks nothing like the bulked up beast he used to be, DIO is just ugggggh, and a character named Anasui is nearly a copy and paste design of Diavolo from Part 5. Others like Jolyne, Foo Fighters, Weather Report, and Father Pucci have excellent designs.

The supporting cast is fun. Jolyne’s best friend Hermes is funny and badass, Foo Fighters is adorable and hilarious, Weather Report is very mysterious and his Stand power is crazy. However, Jotaro and Anasui are the weakest links. Jotaro is ruined in Part 6, a shell of his former Part 4 prime self and Anasui is literally a “muh waifu” edgelord.

The Jojo of this Part is the only female Jojo to date, Jolyne. She’s a very interesting and dynamic character who goes through serious change throughout the Part and is really fleshed out as her own individual. The main villain, Father Pucci, is my second favorite Jojo antagonist. He’s threatening and all-powerful, but he is not maniacal like his master DIO. Pucci is one of the most human Jojo villains and his backstory really justifies his actions and points of view.

Stone Ocean is a compelling and entertaining Part. The characters make it all the more great and you really care for each and every one. Jolyne’s adventure is one of the most mature and well-written character arcs in Jojo and the fights are awesome. It also has some of the most insane and devastating Stands and is easily the most “bizarre” Part.

OVERALL: 8.5/10
Stone Ocean is great. It’s a very mature turn for Jojo and foreshadows Jojo’s shift from shounen to seinen in Part 7 and is a great story period. The ending is one that commands discussion and interpretation and is one of the best I’ve ever read. Filled with compelling drama and blood boiling fights, Stone Ocean hits the reader with surprise after surprise and isn't afraid to take extreme and bold risks.