Apr 23, 2015
ArcLeak (All reviews)
Mokushiroku Alice, or Apocalypse Alice.
Reading this was one enjoyable, dark ride.
Story- 9
The Labyrinth Disease. A mysterious disease that only infects girls. Yes, really, it's one of those diseases. Except this one spins it into a far better story. Rather than the girl straight - out turning into a monster, she creates a Labyrinth, hence the name "Labyrinth Disease".
After 6 hours, the Labyrinth will turn into an Eternal Labyrinth, which cannot be destroyed.
But, to destroy the Labyrinth, the girl has to be killed before then.
"Kill the girl, Save the world" is quite often the slogan of this series.
Art- 8
This is a light novel, which aren't typically that heavy on the graphics. But, the drawings included are good. They match up well with the dark, psychological aspects of the series.
Characters- 7
This is where most people have a bone to pick with this series.
The characters are far from the typical fantasy tropes.
The main character has an overwhelmingly bad personality, believing only in money and himself at first.
There's 2-4 side characters depending how you look at it. For me, it's 2
The first is stuck up, outspoken, and tries to command everyone.
The characters were, to say the least, intriguing.
The other has a trusting personality to the point where he relies solely on teamwork.
I f*cking love this series.
But, right off the bat, let me be clear. This is not for everyone. It is an extremely dark, psychological fantasy.
This is a pretty good series that clearly separates itself from all the other "only girls" cliches out there. If you're looking for something dark, read this.