Apr 20, 2015
CecaniahCorabele (All reviews)
If there is a question about an anime that does their job in entertaining people so well, then Magic Kaito 1412 is one of those best answers. Filled with 24 minutes of excitements & deception makes Magic Kaito 1412 one of the most enjoyable series between Fall 2014 to Winter 2015.

As we know, an episodic series is like a gamble of life and death, some success while the others are not. The main concept of Magic Kaito 1412 is very simplistic, they do the same things from episode to episode just like an endless cycle. Almost all episodes do this endless cycle, except for the early episodes and some others.

New diamond introduced - Kaito steals the diamond - The police failed - It's not the diamond
that he was looking for - Kaito returned the diamond to the police

Although the concept is rather too simplistic, but the anime fully appealed the individual element of the story itself, especially the comedy and adventure parts.

If we talk about the animation, Magic Kaito 1412 may not be as good as the other, but the animation is completely different from the others which make it more memorable and unique, like an "icon". For the sound settings, the background music is wonderful & quite catchy while the seiyuu done their job decently. I personally adore the 2nd opening of the series "Ai no Scenario" sung by Chico with HoneyWorks, it is really good indeed.

The characters of an episodic anime sometimes criticized by people because of lack of development. Thankfully Magic Kaito managed to run away from the tiger's cage. What we have here is not a character growth but it's ability to refine the story. The main character, Kaito Kuroba himself it's described as an omniscient thief, sometimes he interacts with Aoko in a confusing but unique romance setting. Although the main character often referred as a "stereotypical", but the good thing is each single characters plays their roles pretty well. The villains actually appear randomly but the good thing is the villains have their own motive, which is good.

The elegant & magnificent Kaito Kid really did well in entertaining his audience this night. It is recommended for those who seeks for light anime that simply just entertains the audience with its magic. It is really a magical experience indeed.