Apr 19, 2015
TorpedoTits (All reviews)
This hentai is simply a take it or leave it series. But I do encourage anyone to watch both episodes before forming an opinion being are so diverse. Bisexuality is most prominent, and would be the only reason to ignore this series altogether.

The first episode is more dark and focuses on two spoiled kids who sexually abuse their mother with the help of their family dogs. The taboos in this episode can't compare to the poor voice acting. The mother's voice could of been done by a newbie porn star, so screechy and annoying. The animation is good but nothing to brag about and is very 90s, almost 80s, in style.

The second episode is the main draw for most people. The kids are back featuring the crossdressing Yuki and his sister playing with their new "toy". The crossdressing is male oriented, so there no explanation as to why other than "it is what is is". Luckily, the animation has improved at this point and is uncensored with better voice acting to boot.

Each episode has it perks depending on what you're into. But this is definitely one of the most notorious hentais out there, due to subject matter rather than execution. It's slow paced but worth watching at least once.