Apr 18, 2015
hikarupotter97 (All reviews)
This review has spoilers
People tell me that kodomo animes(animes for kids) are lack of good story, good animation, and enjoyment. I really can't understand what do they mean. There are lots of kodomo anime with good story, animation, and give people a great time. And Danball Senki Wars is one of those show, a really hidden valuable show which is (at least in my opinion) is better than most other kodomo animes, and even some mature animes.
The story of Danball Senki Wars begins in a simple way. Our reckless main character named Arata Sena came to the Kamui Daimon Academy, a school for LBX, which is the world's greatest hobby about little robot which can fight for real. It is not so special at first, but when the story moves on, you will realise that it has a big change. Many secrets is revealed. The story has a war theme, which is rare and more intense than other kids show. The purpose of Second World, we though it is to protect the peace, but no, it is the place for all of the countries can take over each other LEGALLY. A kid show is pointing out that the dream of domination of all goverments around still exists? Wow, that's something huh? The anime has quite a lot morals, like how horrible is a war, what is needed for peace, and even a thing or two about human's right. It trully had made me "awake". Even without it's messages, it is an exciting too. The mecha battles are very well-made, and the strategy is awesome at times. Betrayal and intense death are also put in, something that a lot of other kid show would never try. A kodomo anime could be good too! :)

This anime is probably one of the best for character developement for lots of character. Arata got changes quite much through out the story, from a reckless LBX player, to a more calm and careful. We got to know his other sides too, he doesn't mind the borders between countries, and wants to make friend with everyone. He is confindent, but has doubt of himself too. We will later know that he don't want to use a great power like Overload, he just want "himself", which means he wants to achive without cheating help(Overload is so cheating power!), something not everone can, huh? DBW developes other character too. Haruki, regreted for his mistake and had bad feeling for Violet Devil(it seem so, learned to let go. Hikaru, used to trust no one but himself and care for no one, had trusted his friends and cared for others. Everyone gets a developement so we will like them more, even the mastermind is not hateable, he just a good person with great purpose, only seems to be misguided.

The art is good, I wonder why would a lot of people has watched this anime say no. The design for the character, perhaps not as good as more popular animes, but Danball Senki Wars has the most unique. Everyone is carefulled-design, even background characters, and they are cool in their own way. The LBX designs are all good, although a few is kind of weird. My favorite one is Dot Blastrizer in Raganok Phase form, it's even cooler than several Gundams :). The background, esspecially the Grand Master's room is good too.

The music, ah, is the second best thing about this anime. Background music played through out the series suits the situation a lot. The first opening song, is a upbeat, joyful. But when the second one came, when things got serious, the tone changed completely, into a serious tone. So suitable with the story, huh? The ending songs are great, especilally Bokutachi No Wars(my favorite song of DBW). My only problem is the first ending, that song is quite annoying! But everything else about music is great.

Overall, this is a very good show. It has a lot of deepth, good music, good art, good character. I think it deserves more popularity.