Apr 12, 2015
Malighos (All reviews)
If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given, that is the law of equivalent exchange, the basis of all alchemy, the law that governs the world of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Brotherhood follows the adventures of brothers Edward and Alphonse elric , who have commited taboo and tried to transmutate their mother back from the dead. As a result alphonse is left without his body and stuck to a metal armor and ed with a metal arm and a leg thus the nickname fullmetal. Thus the two brothers embark on a quest to find the famous philosopher's Stone that is said to allow alchemists to ignore the law of equivalent exchange and help them get their bodies back. I will not go into more details because it will spoil the wonderfull story of the anime. Anyway let's get started.

As opposed to it's 2003 counterpart Brotherhood does not have filler episodes or sidestories, the manga being almost finished at the time the anime started. There were a few ovas and specials that came out towards the animes end or after it had finished but I am not counting those.But I have to say they managed to strike a perfect balance. Since it had all the source material it needed the anime does not feel stale,I think it goes on at a great pace and it manages to strike a perfect balance between fights, serious moments, light hearted ones . But if you are a big fan of the 2003 anime you might find this a bit too fast as some of the characters lack the development they had in the first series and you might not feel as attached to them as you were back then. Though personally I loved the pacing, as I never got bored and I got entangled in a wonderfull story that just kept dragging me in.

The art has greatly improved over its predecessor and even now it's way above your usual animes. The facial expressions are great and the battles, oh man they are going to give you a boner, even if you're a girl. Trust me. Though some people might be set off a bit by the fact that the animation style seems to change from battle to battle, but I think that increases it's quality as very rarely you will have the same two characters battling each-other thus each battle seems unique and fresh. I especially enjoy the ones that involve Wrath as man he is a beast.
The sound is great. I have watched the anime in jappanese thus that is the sound version I shall review.Romi Park and Rie Kugimiya reprise their roles as Edward and Alphonnes and deliver a top quallity performance yet again, but the rest of the cast is not going to let you down either as you can feel they actually enjoy voice acting these characters and that they give their all in their performance. Also I swear to god all the openings and endings are epic. I have all those songs on my playlist at the moment since god they are awesome and fit the show perfectly.

I also like the fact they Brotherhood doesn't do something a lot of anime do and by that I mean they do not spoil what will happen in the anime with the intro or outro because they are all custom made and not just scenes picked up from the anime to show off.

Now the greatest strength of the anime are its characters. The original series mostly explored just the two protagonists Edward and Al, but brotherhood manages to show off almost any character they introduce, their motives and their dreams. For example Roy Mustang and his dream to become the next Fuhrer to protect all his comrades or scar's dream first of revenge and later of change. As I said earlier some might characters might feel a bit rushed because of the fast pace of the anime (I'm looking at you hughes and nina) but I assure you it does not draw back from the story one bit as they still somehow fullfill their role.

The anime lacks a bit in the replay value, as you wil already know all the big reveals which will probably detract a little from the overall enjoyment for some, but I watched it multiple times (around once every one and a half years) and I found it refreshing most of the time.

Also if you want to watch the 2003 series you should do it before you watch Brotherhood for one simple reason. The 2003 anime is also a very solid addition to one's library but Brotherhood is the superior version in all areas and you might not enjoy the 2003 version as much if you watch it after brotherhood. Though if you watch the new series after the 2003 one you will definetly still enjoy it as much, if not even more, as opposed to watching it first.

Overall this will always be one of the most enjoyable animes I have ever watched, excelling in all areas with a very compelling story line, complex characters, astonishing art and epic soundtracks. I wholeheartedly recommend you go watch it right now, it is a classic and a must see for any anime enthusiast out there.