Apr 12, 2015
slimspardis (All reviews)
This will be a review for mostly OVA 2
Mini review for OVA 1: Basically a filler episode in my opinion, significant amount of fan service for the first 2 stories, while the 3rd being a story about Hina and her quest to ride a ferris wheel.

For this first time since watching Clannad: Afterstory (If you haven't watched it, do it ASAP.) the ending actually happens. If you want to get closure from the original season this is the perfect episode to do it.

Story: 9
The episode I wish all Romantic Anime's had. To tie the knot and show the 10 years later kind of thing. Or in this case 4 years. The plot kind of starts off where it left off from the main season. I like the story of this because of the before mentioned closure.

Art: 8
Same art as before. Only released in 720p or something. From my experience it looks a little bit more fuzzy than before. Technical aside, the emotions and everything of that sort are drawn to make you feel them, which is why i liked the art.

Sound: 8
The opening and ending are both squished at the end for the second OVA. I believe the opening has slightly different animation with the same song. I enjoyed the opening more than the ending but that is my opinion. With that being said, that doesn't mean both aren't enjoyable.

Character: 9
Ah yes, the characters. Since they have grown up 4 years their personalities have changed a little bit. More so in the case of Sora. Miu is still her weird self, still teasing and making fun of sora. Hina acts more mature but pretty much still has the playful attitude. Yuuta is more mature and has excelled as a parent for the 3 girls. I enjoyed the character design in these episode because of the development shown from growing up.

Enjoyment: 10
Pertaining to OVA 1: To be honest, I enjoy fan service. So there is no reason to not like it you are the same as me. The third story however was nice but wasn't super exhilarating.
OVA 2: The whole reason I'm writing this review. I LOVE it when shows wrap up, in the way of either: marriage, confessions, or some other significant event to show that two (or more people in some cases) will be together forever. This OVA does just that, which is why I enjoyed it so much.

Overall: 9
OVA 1: 8 , because of the fact that not much was accomplished besides getting your rocks off a bit.
OVA 2: 10, conclusions are awesome and it feels nice to know that things are going to be all right and that the efforts of the main heroine or the male counterpart were not wasted.
All in all both were nice and were very enjoyable.

*In the case of finding these Rori is the only one with OVA 1 on nyaa, and Doutei has OVA 2 on nyaa.*