Apr 11, 2015
CatPrince (All reviews)
Right well let's get to it, Cross Ange was a trainwreck from a start, it starts off happy like "Oh yay i'm the next heir to the throne of a massive futuristic city!" To "Holy shit I am the most hated human being in the entire city." in just one mere episode. I only decided to watch it because the the site I watch said anime on had tagged it with comedy.

The first few episodes were a little weird, some being filler and some having blatant lesbians fucking but I honestly can't say it's bad the art is pretty decent, the soundtrack is pretty amazing and though the story line was a little weird at first it actually slowly got better as time progresses and you learn that some of the characters who were mean to Ange weren't actually half bad in the end.

Embryo is still an asshole though.