Apr 10, 2015
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Gundam Build Fighter Try Review

Here I will present you with my review of Gundam Build Fighters Try. As a sequel of Gundam Build Fighters, it is inevitable that a comparison will be made between the two. With that said, I will to the best of my ability to write this review in both objective and subjective manner.

Story (5/10)

The story of Gundam Build Fighters Try is awfully similar to its prequel. That is, a tournament style story where our main characters are aiming to win the National championship with the use of their gunpla. In that sense, Try’s story is also similar to any other tournament style stories.

The pacing of Try is somewhat slow until around more than half of the episodes. It is understandable as the first half is used as a buildup and setup for the main character’s personalities, motivation and also for introducing their future opponents. The comedies present in Try are to an extent comedic and funny.

The problem that lies in Try is neither because of its settings nor its story. Rather, it’s due the way it presents the story to us viewers. The way it presents itself follow a simple basic formula that is the opponents are there to fulfill their role as punching bag until the main characters fight final opponent. Granted, this is not always the case, but most of the time it is like this. Hence, making the plot utterly predictable right when a certain opponent appears. But that is not all, I find that the story’s execution is rather dull due to other reasons unrelated to how the story goes, which I will explain in other section.

Characters (4/10)

Now, this is the part where the prequel executes better than its sequel, which, I believe serves as the downfall of Try. Because of its focus in battle, there’s almost no character development….for most of the opponents that is. I mean, they are just there, to be beaten so that our main characters can proceed in the tournament, nothing else. Main characters do get developed, but not all of them are developed fully. If I have to say so only Yuuma Kousaka gets developed fully and Fumina Hoshino comes second.

Other than the lack of character development, Try also suffers in character interaction. Unlike the friendly rivalry that’s going on with all the opponents in the prequel, the only thing that we can call interaction in Try is between the main rivals. Like I have written before, most of the opponents are just there so that the main characters can climb to their main rivals, which is the reason why it gives the story a dull taste.

Animation (7/10)

I’ve got to say Animation in Try is well done. The animation for the battles is smooth even for the minor battles. While there are some low qualities here and there, it is forgivable. Though in term of choreography, I feel that GBF wins over Try in this category. I’m not saying the choreography is bad per say, but it just felt pale in comparison to its prequel, and some of them are overly exaggerated.

Sound (9/10)

To me, this is the strongest point of Try. The music is really good, memorable and well placed. The voice acting is good just like any other anime standard. While the voice acting is good even with the change of voice actor (Mr. Ral), there’s one character whose voice irks me, which that I also find not suitable in shouting, the said name of the character is Lady Kawaguchi.

If there’s anything I can truly in Try is in the music, it helps to liven up the atmosphere. And a lot of the tracks are memorable. What comes as a surprise is the addition of sound effects in the second opening, which is the first time I’ve encountered in my anime watching pilgrimage.

Enjoyment (6/10)

I did enjoy around the first 10 episodes of Try. But, because of the lackluster character development and interaction in later episodes, my enjoyment level went down a bit, and I adaptively lower my expectation for the anime. I hereby declare that the prequel still shines over the once hyped sequel.

Total Score: 31/50
All in all, if you want to watch Gundam Build Fighter Try, watch it for the battle and the comedies.