Apr 8, 2015
PyraXadon (All reviews)
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Trinity Seven was a series that brought something new to the table in the genre of harem. While sticking with the theme of fantasy with the classic Harem/ecchi combo, it also managed to give off an air of comedy and plot that worked very well due to the characters that this show presented. So. What surprises will the OVA give us?

Story (7.49/10): In terms of story, the Trinity Seven OVA doesn't really have much to offer in terms of actual plot. Our harem king/lucky pervert/main protagonist, Arata, is essentially told by the administration at the school that he is failing his classes. In order to prevent his expulsion, he must learn in-depth the seven archives of magic through help from the Trinity Seven. And if you've seen this series before, you can probably guess what will happen.

In terms of story, this OVA doesn't really offer much beyond the synopsis above. But of course, since this is Trinity Seven, that's not really what we're looking forward to here. To make up for its lack of story, this OVA pulls out what Trinity Seven is known for, its own brand of comedy known as Ecchi comedy. You know those generic ecchi scenes you see in generic harem shows? Well, take those moments, but add a main protagonist who doesn't shy away from the feminine body, rather, acting like any normal guy would with a couple funny lines amplifying his pervertedness. This is pretty much the entire runtime of this OVA. Since this is an OVA, story really doesn't take a big foothold on the runtime, so Arata being...well, Arata is pretty much all you're going to get. Trust me, it may not seem like much, but it's ALL you need for this.

+/- Rather simplistic story (This doesn't impact much cause OVA's only have a 30 min. runtime.)
+ Comedic/Perverted antics throughout

Character (8.88/10): Cast-wise, the OVA doesn't change much. We still have our harem king, Arata who spends time with the 7-8 girls he's associated with, we still have the buzzkill Lilith, Yui, my personal favorite who becomes a lot more thirsty than I thought she would be, and the rest of the Trinity Seven.

Likewise to the original series and the manga source material, the characters retain their characteristics and don't differ very much. (Except maybe Yui, cause I don't remember her being that thirsty...) As such, any girl that you may or may not have called as your "best girl" or "waifu" has retained their likable traits.

+ Great cast still has their original and enjoyable character traits.
+ Arata (honestly, this guy is great. His existence is a positive to this series.)

Art and Sound (8.00/10 and 7.44/10): Art for Trinity Seven has always been very consistent with its darker color scheme and ominous feel. As such, the OVA reflects this and nothing really differs apart from that. However, there are moments within this OVA that do come off as...odd.

For one thing, the art quality did waver in a select few scenes. The standard animation for some of the characters seemed to dip in quality slightly. Not a huge difference, but still somewhat prominent. In addition, the OVA uses some odd artstyles, having a really weird chibi scene that while funny, really didn't make sense cause it did clash quite harshly.

And since this is an ecchi show, here's the obligatory ecchi warning paragraph. (Yay for continuity...) Ecchi has been a staple for Trinity Seven since basically minute one where Arata grabs a girl's breast upon waking up. (Just a normal day for the harem king, mind you.) As such, this OVA follows suit in its first season predecessor by making similar scenes. However, unlike its original runtime, this OVA feels a bit...racy, at points. Essentially, this OVA makes an attempt at being somewhat more ecchi than what we were shown in the original 12 episodes. Since Arata is associating with all seven members of the Trinity seven this time, well, you can probably guess if you've seen this show before. While not spoiling what actually happens, I can at the very least tell you that the frequency and possibly intensity of the scenes you witness, will be more so than the first season of this show.

Soundtrack is still the same, using the "Seven doors" opening and the first ending of the series as its choice tracks for this OVA.

+ Decently consistent artwork
+ Good soundtrack
+/- Art quality has differed through its runtime
+/- Ecchi. (This is really a positive or negative depending on your view of ecchi, cause this show while uses a lot of it, uses it in a more comedic sense alongside the standard perverted sense.)

Personal Enjoyment (9.00/10): As a curator of the harem genre, I have searched far and wide for a show or manga that would be able to give me what I search for, something new and exciting that would break the reins that the harem genre has been tied down to. And with Trinity Seven, I believe I have found it.

Did I like this OVA?

Yes. Watching it was a bucketload of fun. This OVA really made use of what Trinity Seven is known for, making into the focal point of the special, which in turn, made this a very enjoyable viewing experience. Because I'm some fond of this series, it's really hard for me to not like what it's trying to do because the comedy works just so well. It's the kind of ecchi that kind of don't want to turn away from because it for some reason just feels very natural when you watch it. It's weird.

What didn't I like about the OVA?

Really, the only complaint I have is the art. Only select scenes really bothered me, so apart from that, there's nothing I really didn't like.

Would I recommend this OVA?

If you liked Trinity Seven, and/or fine with ecchi, cause it will show that to you, then I would recommend watching this OVA. Be warned though, you might want to watch this alone or with a friend who's a fan of this series. Cause even though the ecchi is used for quite well written comedic reasons, it's still decently hardcore ecchi nonetheless. Until then, Magic King candidate Xadon, out!