Apr 8, 2015
P-Fitty (All reviews)
Before going into an analysis, I've got to say right now: This has been one of the most enjoyable (if not THE most) mangas/anime that I have read in a long time. Throughout the whole thing I was laughing and grinning like an idiot and I have a tough sense of humor. Even the first episode of the anime has got me hooked and I eagerly await the next. If you enjoy light hearted, no drama/strings attatched romance, definitely try this one out.

While the story remains a straight forward boy meets girl scenario, the continued play on the characters backgrounds and personalities/appearance makes a easy to pick up story while also remaining true to itself. I give a 9 just based on enjoyment.

Not too fancy, not too modest. Takeo's facial expressions always leave me in tears but other than that it's pretty standard art that you'd expect to see in a manga/anime like this.

My god. Takeo has got to be the most hilarious character I have ever seen. This guy makes me crack up in everything he does. His appearance and character are more something you'd see in a backdrop (a side character) so it makes an interesting choice as a main protagonist and succeeds very well in doing so. Outgoing, hyper active and dense w
Yamato. Although not too diverse in personality, she makes as an enjoyable main character and is pretty fun to watch. Her clumsiness and hard working attitude is a perfect mix and she's guaranteed to make you say "Kawaiiiii" atleast once or twice.
Suna. Typical Cold handesome guy at first glance who secretly has a heart of gold. He and Takeo are like 2 pieces of a puzzle, they fit together perfectly despite being polar opposites. Calm, collected, earnest yet laid back, his humorous remarks and Takeo's support, he lights up the situation despite looking quite glum most of the time.

By far one of the best ive read. Ore Monogatari had me laughing and inspired through out the entire thing. Relatable, fun and happy, I'm sure it could make you smile.

Overall: 10