Apr 7, 2015
HaXXspetten (All reviews)
{This review encompasses volumes 1-4, which are all that have been translated at the time of writing this}

Danmachi is an interesting story in the sense that it mixes together typical RPG game mechanics with real life. It doesn't actually take place inside a game but rather a fantasy world, however the magic of said world works basically like how a game does. Adventurers gain experience points, earn loot, level up, gain skills and magic etcetera, but it all still takes place in their own actual reality. It's a quite fresh take on what is otherwise a somewhat overused concept in recent years.

The story follows a shy but optimistic rookie adventurer named Bell Cranel who has a youthful dream of having a romantic encounter with a pretty girl during his adventures. And shockingly enough for him, it actually happens as he one day gets his life saved by an unknown beautiful woman, whom he instantly falls in love with. As a result, he's given a unique skill which causes him to gain experience points at an unbelievably fast rate as long his feelings of love towards her doesn't dwindle.

Unfortunately for Bell however, he's the very innocent type that starts blushing furiously just by touching a girl's hand, and thus he has a very hard time confessing his feelings towards her. However that doesn't mean he's weak or wimpy by any means; he's actually very energetic and passionate when it comes to fighting. He's just very childlike when it comes to romance, but personally I think that side of him just comes off as rather cute more than anything else.

Bell is also the sole member of the "Familia" (basically like a guild) belonging to a goddess named Hestia who plays the part of the lead heroine in the series. She's madly in love with Bell, and also the exaggeratedly jealous type. If she had the option of choice then Bell should never even be in the same room as another girl, which of course also means she isn't too happy about him falling in love at first sight with another woman, and even gaining a unique skill for it in the process.

Beyond that, the premise of Danmachi is honestly very simplistic. We basically follow Bell's adventures as well as his relationships with the people he meets during them. There is nothing outstanding or spectacular in this series by any means but for what it is, it's very easy and enjoyable to read. The male and female leads are both very cute and likable, and they also make a quite unusual couple compared to what you'd normally see. The illustrations are top tier and look very pleasing for the eyes, and they also complement the comedic parts of the story very well.

Overall, Danmachi is not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it provides a fresh outlook on an otherwise quite overused concept, and I always appreciate that kind of originality. It is simple, light-hearted fun that almost anyone can read and still enjoy. And really, enjoyment is all we actually seek in the bottom of our hearts when reading these kinds of novels, so I don't think you can ask for a whole lot more than that in the end.