Apr 6, 2015
nao14 (All reviews)
It is my first time writing a review but i enjoyed this manga so much that i decided to go for it
Well i actually stumbles across seiyuu kaa while searching for minami maki's other work. I was already a great fan due to Special A who is already a great favourite of mine.

The story was great. There was some place where it was clicheed but it was quite different too. It was light and really enjoyable. There was time when i was going all kyaa and there was time when i was banging my head in frustration or hiding my face with embarrassment

The art was great and regular. The guy's smile's and hime when her hair was down was really beautiful

The character's could have been more developped specially hime's friend. It was like they had one or two chapters only on their past and then we almost didn't see them in the rest of the series. Then i also didnt understand sakura's character too much. She IS a bad mother and yet they seem to downplay it in the manga and for me this caused a big empty hole in the manga. But i really liked the way hime/shiro matures and becomes more experience and also how senri opens up to others. (sort of like a wild cat!)

Overall it is a great manga which i finished in barely one day because i just couldn't put it down! Moreover i loved the ending which did not seem rushed at all and which didn't left me feeling empty like some other manga