Apr 5, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)

I continue on my quest to explore new genres of anime and review really odd stuff. "Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai" roughly translates to "I can't believe my little sister is this cute!" I will call this title Oreimo for the rest of this review because honestly the full title is WAY too long. Much like one of my all time favorite spoof movies: Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

Our main character is an obnoxious teenage male who is upset that his little sister doesn't bring him breakfast in bed and act like the cutesy little sisters in the anime he likes. The little sister is loud, irritating, and all things stereo-typically "Tsundere". One day the elder brother discovers that his little sister is REALLY into lolicon anime and videogames along with incest, and her favorite: Lolicon/incest together. This makes the brother immediately fall in love with his little sister and try grope her while she sleeps. My reaction...WHAT!? I am an elder brother myself and if I suddenly found out my little brother was a passionate member of NAMBLA, my first reaction would NOT be...."man, I really want to fuck my brother right now!" Of course, our MC meets his little sister's friends who are also ridiculous otaku stereotypes and it becomes a generic harem anime only with lots of wincest and loli! Hooray! Seriously, FUCK this anime!

Some anime are made "by Otaku for Otaku" to the complete exclusion of everyone else. I'm Ok with this. We all have our own likes and dislikes and not every show and movie has to be aimed at everyone. However, this anime absolutely embraces every negative stereotype about otaku and tries to pander to the lowest common denominator. I found this not only bad, but rather insultingly bad. I love anime as a medium of storytelling, but I fucking HATED this show. The parents in this show are "big meanies" who don't understand the joys of being an anime geek and try to negatively judge our heroes. However, I don't feel this show does a good job representing anime fans and defending us against those that dislike anime! For example, just because I like to read manga by Naoki Urosawa instead of reading comics by Stan Lee, doesn't mean I: collect hundreds of figurines, live in my parent's basement, buy hundreds of dollars worth of hentai, am a pedophile, am incestuous, or lack any semblance of social skills. Embracing these stereotypes doesn't represent our cause as anime fans or encourage others to give anime a chance! If you want to see a GOOD anime about the anti-otaku stigma in Japan and living the life of a secret otaku, watch the anime "Welcome to the NHK!" If OreImo was made as a satire attacking anime fans and encouraging people to NOT watch anime, it would be a crude, low blow but relatively effective. As a PRO-otaku show that acts as if it is the most wonderful, loving tribute to otaku everywhere, this show is a fucking failure!

Now for the question you have all been asking: "why did this piece of shit get a 2/10 instead of a 1/10?". The answer is that the comedy in this series is so stupid it's almost funny. It isn't actually funny, but it's almost funny in the way that Tim and Eric the Awesome Show is sort of funny in that oh so popular anti-humor style. This show's relentless awkwardness that it puts the audience through and totally bizarre style of "humor" almost reminded me of something Andy Kaufman would do. He was a famous..."comedian" well known for stunts like pulling out a copy of The Great Gatsby during a stand up comedy performance and reading it aloud...and just kept going. Eventually this created some nervous laughter from the audience because it was just so awkward and they had no idea how to react...then eventually they got up and left and he just kept on reading aloud. That is basically what this anime is like. At first you sort of chuckle with nervous laughter just because it is so WTF...then eventually you realize that...this is it, this is the whole you get up and leave. Or you finish the whole series if you are a complete masochist.