Apr 4, 2015
Hal (Anime) add (All reviews)
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Hal is a love story between a robot and a human. Kurumi had lost her lover, Hal, in a plane explosion. Since then, she had shut herself in due to depression. A doctor (and friend of Kurumi's), along with Hal's grandfather, get a robot to help Kurumi. The robot takes Hal's place, in appearance and name, and goes to reach out to Kurumi and hope to reforge a relationship between Hal and Kurumi.

The art, done at Wit Studio (known now for Attack on Titan) is phenomenal in this movie (as you can see in the image). The scenery, the character design, and pretty much everything (especially the water) is beautiful in art and design. Kudos to you Wit Studio.

Next up is characters. The characters in this were so lovable and genuine that you can't help but get attached. I don't know I mean there's not much else to say other than I loved the characters. Just to make a longer segment I'll put music here too. The music was fantastic and really sets a mood (as music should) that engulfs you into the story. Again... not much else to say there.

Themes and Messages. The overall themes were really driven and important here. Things like "can you teach a robot to love" and "can you ever understand someone else's emotions" come into play and are really driven home hard. Along with a recurring motif of Rubiks Cube Wishes (what those are is that you write a wish on a Rubiks cube and if you solve it that wish will come true). You'll walk out of this movie asking a lot of questions like this, and maybe even have an existential crisis, like I did (even more than with Evangelion).

The dub quality (I watched it dubbed) was amazing. Funimation does it again with a fantastic dub. That's all there is to say here.

And lastly, the story. What could easily be the best part of the movie. Having only 60 minutes to deliver a story so powerful, so amazing, and so thought-provoking is truly a feat to be amazed at. I'm still in awe about everything in the movie, and the ending will have you thinking about this movie for quite some time (seriously, I'm even going to have to rewatch it).

Now for the scores...
Art: A
Characters: A
Music: A
Themes: A
Dub Quality: A
Story: A++
Overall: 10/10

All I can say is that Hal is nothing short of a masterpiece, and all in the course of 60 minutes.