Apr 4, 2015
AgeOfHades (All reviews)
-- this is a Review for the the first 2 volumes (2nd volume unfinished)---

i really really wanted to loved this series and i had started out doing just that.

The setting was really good and quite interesting, the main character was great.

but what eventually began to ruin the series for me (i imagine i am one of the minority here) is how all the surrounding characters seem to mistake what is essentially Tsundere hatred for being a Shy character.

The main character constantly professes his hatred for friendship, comradeship and generally anything involving trust. However his actions consistently contradict his words.

(slight spoiler)

Many, Many times does he act against what he believes in, to the point of injury. yet he almost never acts against it, the few times i saw him do it were short lived.

i profess, i did not even finish the 2nd volume or read the third (at the time of writing this, it's all that is available).

(very large volume 2 SPOILER AHEAD)

even when a girl he claims to despise gets infected by the disease, he tells himself to not care and ignore it. but what does he do? goes and tries to save her (this is as far as i got).

TLDR: the main character is a friendship Tsundere, this coupled with an actual loli tsundere have killed my desire to continue reading the series.

Story 7/10. i really did love the story and the set up, was different from the usual for a change and the author is really good at story.

Art 8/10. The art was really good, it had every character look quite interested (mostly with a evil look to their eye it seemed)

Characters: 4/10. this is where my biggest beef was with this series. i loved the main character. . . at the beginning, however his constant Tsundere attitude towards anything involving trust made me eventually hate him. the side characters? hated them even more, i liked none of them.

Enjoyment: 3/10. this score is only high because i started reading the series with such hopes for such a interesting MC, but this was eventually killed.