Apr 3, 2015
mottowers (All reviews)
Basically a family of five people got shipwrecked and crashed onto a stranded island. They have to survive and wait for someone to find them. It's pretty interesting and you can learn a few survival tips from this anime! (I learned how to cut a tree down lol)

The art style is old (so the characters have weird faces) so depending on your taste I cannot say that this is good or bad. It's not so HD though... The trees look awesome. The nature is everywhere.... YAY!

Not bad. you can hear a lot nature stuff. They all sound legit. Wolves sound like dog growls and water sounds like water. Not really helpful. I know. :(

The characters have a very rich background (They are a rich family). They seem like normal people that you find in everyday life. (Except for Flone, because she has a dynamic personality) The supporting characters were a

This anime wasn't great, but it had a solid and satisfying ending. Yes it is your classic happy-ever-after ending. This anime is not recommended for those who like action packed fighting anime. Also not recommended for romance anime lovers. Slice of life lovers, this is something that might peak your interest.

*Note: I watched this anime a long time ago. I also have the DVD version of this so I can't say how good the quality the videos are on the internet. Thanks for reading a not so helpful review.... kind of?