Apr 2, 2015
-ShadowClaw- (All reviews)
Oh boy this is going to be quite the controversial review to make, The main reason because of how much the show has really made the people who watched it so divided by those who think its good and those who think its bad. Il try to go into detail as to explain what are the pros and cons of this show and maybe dwell why so many people either hate it or dislike it.

The series is either a hit or a miss…it is a hit because it focuses a lot of how society functions especially towards the discrimination of others which are different and how they threaten the stability and comfort they already have, as well as what it means to find your own since of individuality and since of moral towards around you, especially of the main heroine who developed from a spoiled, rotten and naive individual into a strong, intelligent, wise and caring leader.

But it can also be a miss cause of the highly controversial subjects and the extremities of certain scenes as well plot holes and plot armour some of the characters get.

I don’t know what happened at the studio that produced it but u can practically speculate there was a lot of confusion and divided opinion as to how this show was developed especially towards the beginning of the series.

As a matter of fact if u compare the first 5 or so episodes to the rest of the series, it is like watching two different shows altogether.

The Animation was fantastic at times, especially in the fight scenes but in others the animation looked sloppy and messed up, the soundtrack on the other hand was probably the best thing the show had and the singing of the actors was superb for the most part.

The characters were the second best thing that the series had, as their development throughout the show was something good to see, especially the main heroine as well as few of the side characters, but they are not perfect as there were a few character flaws that were really obvious or just to cliché that sometimes it makes u want to cringe and while the main characters and a few of the side characters did get proper development others were not so lucky in that some of them just simply hid in the background and never got much to say or do at all.

The Sec jokes and fan-service might appeal to those who like it and not so much for those who don’t especially since some of the fanservice and jokes were used were so overused and repetitive that it makes u sick to watch after a while.

thankfully these things dropped as the series went on and were not as much frequent as they were in the beginning.

At the end I would say this show is either a hit or a miss depending on what a person is actually expecting from this show. There is also that old saying that a show is so bad that it is good and this series would defiantly be a perfect example for that.

Bottom line: as an enjoyment I would rate it an 8,,, however as a whole series taken into account actually story writing, plot development, animation and characters, flaws and derps I would rate this a 6.75… as this show really could have been done better…what made it enjoyable despite this was mostly that by the middle of the series the series actually starts to thrive and use it flaws to make it more fun to watch.