Apr 1, 2015
PoWorshipper (All reviews)
Gundam build fighters Try is the Sequel to the Gundam build fighters, it takes place 7 years after and introduces us to a whole new range of characters and Gundams which are pitted against each other in battle.
Despite being a sequel, you don't need to have seen the first season to understand what is going on. Its essentially a standalone, and as a standalone its a decent anime. It has an interesting premise, some half decent characters, and a good deal of action to entertain you. It wont be the best thing you watch, nor the worst. HOWEVER, in comparison to the original this is an absolute disappointment. If you're considering watching this after seeing the original, I highly recommend avoiding it.

Story: 3

The Story of GBFT revolves around 3 main characters and their journey to win the National gunpla battle tournament. Its very simplistic, without any real plot twists or depth, but that said it has some cool side story moments such as the hospital scene, but that doesn't make up for a generally lackluster plot.

Art: 5

The art in GBFT is decent, the Gundams are nicely drawn with good variety between the models. The beams and explosions look aesthetically pleasing, especially the flames of the Build Burning Gundam. There's also nice texturing on the Gundams when they take damage.
Where it loses points is in the animation. It's really not very special. Many of the fights consist of the same attack animations just be re-used. Especially for the Build Burning. It makes the fights rather lackluster to watch, seeing as how it doesnt really deviate a great deal. The only fight that was really animated well that comes to mind was the exhibition fight in the 25th episode.

Sound: 8

If there is something I love about this series as a whole its the sound. The OST for both series's. The soundtracks are all well done and can standalone as individual songs, the second opening song for Try Fighters were also very nice and is one of my Favorite anime intro's to date.
The sound effects for the fights are also nicely done, the beams sound powerful, and when the gundams break, or hit each other, it sounds like they're actually mecha's and not just plastic models.

Characters: 4

I Mentioned before that in comparison to the original that Try fighters is a disappointment, and it is mostly in the characters. In Build Fighters, Sei and Reiji felt like real people. They didn't act all pretentious, their dialogue was well scripted and sounded like real life conversation (they also didn't feel the need to scream out their attack names EVERY SINGLE TIME).
Try Fighters main characters are somewhat lackluster and one dimensional.
Not to mention pretentious. Sekai is a generic headstrong protag who rushes in without thinking, Yuuma is some 15yr old kid who is depressed cos someone beat him and his character development consists of going from not thinking he's good at Gunpla to having some confidence in himself. That's it.
Fumina starts off being cool, she's the glue of the group and the team leader. She co-ordinates the other 2 and is a strong participant in the battles. Her character changes midway through the series however, after 3rd or 4th battle, she suddenly becomes a supporting character with a crush on Sekai, and begins to take on the generic role of the girl who constantly gets jealous of the main character interacting with other females. Her strength disappears and she ceases to really co-ordinate the team, acting as a support instead.
Outside of the mains, there are some half decent side characters. Some are from the original series, a lot of the new ones conform to generic stereotypes however making them rather boring to watch. (Boxer kid was great tho)

Overall: 5

Really, this is just another generic anime about Gundams. It doesn't have any of the charm of the original series. The characters arent as likable or real, the fights are boring and repetitive. And the dialogue is so cringey at times that I pulled out my phone to distract myself from it.
Not really worth watching, the First season was far, far better.