Mar 31, 2015
karlstein12 (All reviews)
DnA is probably one of the best sports anime that I've come across yet. Although hailing from a country where Baseball is scarce, this started out to be a pretty interesting anime. It begins with an aspiring young pitcher named Eijun Sawamura, who throws a wild ball which flies over the catcher giving him no chance to seize it. This happens to grab the attention of a particular woman who turns out to be a scout for the baseball team of the highly popular school named Seido. Hence unfolding the journey which awaited Eijun in his future.

What really got me into this at first was the soundtrack which had a pretty intimidating atmosphere. Even when I first heard the opening, "Go EXCEED!!", I was really fascinated by it and knew it was special. Same goes for the other two openings which approach as the show progresses. The endings were pretty fine too but average compared to the opening themes.

All the characters are pretty neatly drawn but there were some flaws too as most of the players in the team who rarely got featured were very dull to look at.

I would gladly recommend Diamond no Ace to anyone who is into sports anime's.
There is a second season coming out and I have high expectations for it.