Mar 31, 2015
Adesi (All reviews)
"Are you a fan of anime?
A fan of well-written and intricate plots which leave you completely speechless?
How about stories which are completely dark and riveting, while completely obscuring the moral boundaries which define human society?
Are you searching for a gem that will change how you view the world and force you to question the value a human life has?
Then look no further - as the masterpiece entitled 'Cross Ange' is the story you've been looking for!" - said no one ever (at least at the time of writing).

Then do you like Sunrise? (taken both ways, since you'll be seeing a lot of both)
If you answered yes, then please read on for this review of a journey filled with much oppai, BDSM, mechas, and made-up words galore!

Do note that I'm an offensive person by nature, so I do apologise for anything further ahead

If I had to describe 'Cross Ange' in one single word; I'd have to choose the phrase 'Identity Disorder'. Tabling the fact that that's two words for now - I say this due to the fact that you're presented with an absolutely appalling princess of some generic utopia, who is an idol for the citizens and all their ilk. However, all is not well in genericutopialand as you might expect. This is due to the presence of third-class citizens who are termed as 'Norma'.

Now, these 'Norma', or as luck might have it, sounds similar to the word 'Normal'; and are just normal people, in that they are essentially plebeians like us people here in the real world. Meaning, they can't use magic. They are the minority and are thus prosecuted for some sort of obscure reasons, and are the stigma of humankind's evolution (Not our humankind, but the 'Cross Ange' mankind).

As this anime was produced by Sunrise, you should expect the obvious trademarks and troupes generic to everything they produce; like strife between a bunch of factions because reasons deem them necessary. You'll also see island episodes, romance, beautiful filial bonds and the long-awaited revival of Kira 'Jesus' Yamato. (Not that you can ever kill him)

The main character whose name was something along the lines of 'MaiAngelIkaMusumeMizugi,' is forced to join a ragtag group of girls and fight against dragon-esque creatures, which happen to be called DRAGONs because convoluted acronyms sound cool.
I realize I've digressed, but I'll get to my main point eventually.

In terms of characters, there are a bunch of girls to choose from if you're looking to find a new waifu. For example, early on in the story, you see two girls who try to make friends with MaiAngelIkaMusumeMizugi, otherwise known as 'Ange'. These two girls are waifu material in that, they make friends with Ange despite her contempt for them. Not only that, they are definitely crucial to the story since they have hair that is feasible for real-life people and don't appear in the opening at all. You've even got your pick of the litter with girls like Ange's friend no. 1 to 50. Top class waifu material if I do say so myself.

At any rate, just know that anybody who isn't a Norma is basically a bad person. As for the, rejects of society, they're all either full-blown lesbians or are bi-curious. If you're looking for a male relationship, then you're in awful luck, since there's only three male characters around. The most notable of which is pseudo-RitoKira. As you might expect of anyone who bears resemblance to either of them, he is capable of fixing strange machinery like Gunda- oops, I mean 'Para-Mail'. He is not only capable of being beaten up, but is also capable of living despite having a magnet embedded to his face which attracts him to Ange's crotch.

I have nothing much to say about Ange, other than the fact that she seems too good for the show. She's a very likable person for me, but she does seem to suffer from a chronic case of 'falls-in-love-with-king-of-NTR'. At one point, I even worried that he'd steal her position as main character. Luckily, he's as useless as any other harem protagonist. Not in an endearing way though.

I've been ranting too long, so I'll be brief about my main complaint. The plot. The plot started off simple, and I even considered it pretty decent at one point in time, but it breaks records in my book as the biggest piece of 'what the hell is this? I dont even...'. The plot jumps around so much that it seems to suffers from DID in trying to be so many things a la Samurai Flamenco.
Not only that, I even question what the hell went through the staff of Sunrise's minds when they decided on the premise of Dragons from the Nth dimension fighting robots piloted by the girls of Freezing. Whoever they were, I commend them for absolutely ruining what little remains of my good faith in Sunrise. I'm sure all two of them had fun self-inserting themselves in Tusk's place as he smothered himself in Ange's panties to death.

So in conclusion; if I'm asked (not that anybody would ask me) if this anime is worth watching.
I'd tell them 'sure, go ahead if you're a fan of kinky stuff'
If you ask whether it's dark.
Sadly the only thing dark here in this anime are the minds of its director, the lighting and the girls panties (in that case, it's be white censorship).
Fret not though, since Sunrise will always find a way to shine the morning light of their company on all that darkness through the entity of BD, and Ange's glare-inducing coloured hair.

Good job Sunrise!
Don't give up Sunrise!
Goodwork Sunrise!
Learn to CG Sunrise! (Computer Graphics, not Code Geass)
Farewell Sunrise.
May you never produce anything better than Code Geass.
Curse you Sunrise!

Note that I'm making fun of them not out of spite, but because they're dear to me.
It's also for the sake of their own betterment. See, I'm not rude. I'm just Tsundere!
Aren't I just a great person? (I know I'm not, but just let me revel in my fantasies)

I'll rewrite or edit this review when I have the time.
I have a lot more to say, but I'll do that another time if need be.
Note that I haven't finished the series yet, so I may change my opinion.