Mar 31, 2015
Idunnolol (All reviews)
"What a boring plot." - Embryo, 2015.

And I couldnt agree more.

I really looked forward to this anime, and when I saw all the good reviews, I was certain it was going to be good, but boy was I wrong! I will go through why I gave this anime as low as a 3, which I very rarely do.

Story: 2.
The story sounded very interesting on paper, but when you actually watch it, you notice that its filled with plotholes, and a massive amount of stupid fanservice. If you're into hentai, go watch that shit and not regular anime.

Art: 5.
Its not good, but its not bad either. The mecha and effects are pretty good, the background however feels a little boring.

Sound: 8.
The opening, ending and songs/Audio inbetween are pretty good, few complaints there, sound is in my opinion the best aspect of the anime.

Character: 1.
Boy, do the characters in this show suck, all they do is touch eachother and bitch. + there's the stupid guy MC who's weak and has all these shitty pervert accident moments, hopefully this anime will end in them all dying.

Enjoyment: 1.
The only enjoyment I got from watching so far was when people died.

Overall 3:
This sounded interesting on paper, but when you actually watch it, it lacks a lot. I was suprised how this got so good ratings, but I guess horny 12 year olds like anime too.

This review was re-submitted, its my first one. What annoys me is that people dont rate reviews if they're good or not, they rate them if they agree or not.