Sep 4, 2009
amiyusoku (All reviews)

Well, to be honest, my sis bought the DVD...
lol, I have this urge to buy it but kinda afraid if the story isn't worth buying.
So, I postponed my desire to have it.
The next time I go out with my sis, she willingly buy it since she loves piano... and obviously, a piano and an anime... she would never let that dvd stay in the store when she walk out from it LOL.

The story is really nice.
The plot is somewhat unique.

Obviously, when you want to become a professional pianist, having your friend, whom you think has a great talent for piano... you should feel envious and the rivalry will sparks and there.. you'll start being enemies.
However, you will not find that type of plot in this anime.
It's amazing how Shu, in such a young age has this passion for piano. When he heard Kai playing the Piano in the forest, he was amazed... truly and no hints of jealousy emitted from him.
Which is kinda nice.. since, well.. most anime plot will have the 'friends turns to rival'
Not that I don't like it... well i do feels the same towards my my friends when I was still studying. You wanna be better, you have this friend kinda rivalry.

okay putting that aside..
so.. as the story progress... it's getting more unsettled.... I mean your feelings. Cause.. Kai is getting better and Shu was practicing so intensely. I mean... will this effects their relationship?
Moreover, the sensei that once known as a prodigy rejected Shu's mother offers to help her daughter improve but chose Kai instead...
Obviously, even BFF can be jealous! admit it!~ lol

That's why I salute Shu ! He is such a good friend and he has his dignity even at the young age.
Such a wonderful friendship.
i love a beautiful friendship and an honest one!~

I don't wanna give much spoiler.
If you get the chance to watch it, you WATCH IT!