Mar 29, 2015
Somebody101 (All reviews)
Maria the Virgin Witch turned out a lot better then I expected it to be despite it being the POV of a female character. This anime was one of my most liked for this season and here's why.
Story: 10
The story takes place around a blonde, stubborn, peace-loving witch who tries to stop any fights that happen near to where she lives, which is in thw middle of a secluded forest. Despite being a stubborn girl, she shows kindness to her few closest friends which encompass a little girl, her summons, and a few others. The story progresses as the Heavens above don't like her meddling in natural affairs that they think should otherwise be allowed to happen.
Art: 9
Surprisingly, this anime had one of the most vibrant, colorful art out of all that aired this season, which seemed kind of ironic due to how many people got stabbed or killed in this anime (don't worry, most are side-characters).
Sound: 8
The sound was extremely well and fit everything perfectly as well as set the mood throughout the anime, through-out the serious and comedic parts.
Characters: 9
The characters, in my opinion, were extremly well done with few, if any, cliches anywhere.
Theres the main heroine witch who dislikes fighting.
The witchs summonings which are a succubus and a incubus who doesn't have any nether regions due to the witch's messup
The angel Micheal whos just the basic guy no one likes.
The messenger who secretly likes the witch.
The "dove" whos sent to keep an eye on Maria and see if shes doing anything bad.
And a few other characters as well, which I won't spoil any more.
Enjoyment: 9
Despite this being a anime aimed at the opposite gender, I really found this anime to be among my most liked for this season. It just being good all around led me to really enjoy this anime, and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a serious, romantic/comedic show about medival witches.