Mar 29, 2015
Somebody101 (All reviews)
As a veteran harem watcher, this anime isn't entirely original in its character personalities, however it made up for it with the story it has.
Story: 9
The story itself is a good one, there are people who have memories of previous lives that they had and have special weapons and spells from it. The world is constantly under attack by monsters whom are fought by the said special users. That's more or less the background story, with the show centered around the main male character who turns out to be one of the strongest with a harem of girls (more detailed in characters)
Art: 7
The art was kind of average, it wasn't the worst but it wasn't the best either. There were some, not many, but a few instances in which it could have been better.
Sound: 7
The sound was average like the art, it was fine but definitely could have been better.
Character: 6
Here's the list of rhe basic main characters:
The kind, strong main male lead.
The hyperactive girl who loves the lead, despite being a sister in a previous life.
The quiet, mean emo girl who, like the previous girl, loves the lead as having known him previously in another life
The pretty russian beauty who comes in midway in the season.
And a whole lot of other side characters.
Enjoyment: 8
I give it a 8 for it, despite a lot of cliche characters, had a decent story behind it, however it would have been higher if they didn't try to cram another 12 episodes worth in the last 5-6 episodes.
Overall: 8
It was a fine anime that I enjoyed throughout the weeks that it aired, however near the end even I could see how much potential story the writers tried to cram in the last few episodes. In my eyes, this could have easily been a 10 for me but due to the lack of budget and patience the writers had, this anime didn't get the 24 episodes that it deserved.