Mar 29, 2015
Shioxus (All reviews)
The .Hack franchise has always been loved by a select cult following, and hated (for the most part) by nearly everyone else. Some series in the franchise are worthier than others, but unfortunately with the advent of anime like Sword Art Online, Accel World, etc. new comers to .Hack find less and less to like.

It isn't as novel a concept as it was on release, and to have a great grasp on the series you have to play through the .Hack video games, which are expensive as well as a bit dated (the first game series especially).

I myself am a fan of the franchise. So when I sat down to watch this short expecting to see some new animation and all of the characters I had grown to love, imagine my horror when I pressed play.

The art of this is dismally unappealing. I expected to see more detailed character designs, and a nice new gloss of animation over the whole thing. What I got was a grade schooler's art project. And trust me, this kid ain't no Picasso.

This could have been a decent short like Unity, but instead we got a failed art project. I can't even recommend this to fans of the series. Only watch this if you are desperate for more .Hack, and keep in mind that you WILL regret it.