Mar 29, 2015
DatRandomDude (All reviews)
Alright, second try at reviewing. If i failed at something like repeating something well ... sorry. ._.


Yoru No Yatterman was a fun ride. Sadly, it went under the radar of a lot of people. It wasn't the best of this winter season but it wasn't bad like a lot of people says. Is it worth your time ? Let's look at it.

Story : 6

Leopard, Elephantus and Voltkatze are descendant of the Doronbow gang, who were the antagonist of the Yatterman series. They live with Lepoard's mother somewhere outside the Yatterman Kingdom walls because their ancestor got kicked out of the kingdom. So one day, Leopard's mother die and discovers that the Yatterman are actually bad people... and thus begin the comeback or the Dorombow gang to avenge her death and give the Yatterman a good forehead flicking !

See? pretty simple !

Art : 7

The art was very good imo. It wasn't mindblowing but it didn't suck at all. The background and the characters were really nice. However sometimes the quality dropped and sometimes... it wasn't pretty.

Sound : 7

The opening was one of the best this season and the ending was nice. The OST was compsed by the same guy who did the OST of Mirai Nikki, Free!, Seikon no Qwaser and more. Just this is actually pretty good. However nothing didn't catch my attention. I guess it's better than catching my attention because the music would be bad.
So yeah, i guess the OST did it's job right !

Character : 6

For some people the problem might be the main protagonist, Leopard who's a 9 years old girl that might just be ... pretty annoying. Personally i had no problem with her but i can see why some people have. Boyacky and Tonzra are funny. The problem with them is sometimes their jokes gets old, like Tonzra who says that he can be Leopard's mom for an entire episode.
Later we have Gatchan and Alouette. Gatchan at first i didn't liked him. Always scared and uncertain, throwing a dice to know what to do. Luckily he had a really good character developement ! Alouette well ... i liked her. (no not because she has boobs ... jeez.) She was funny and also at the end i liked her even more! I'm not gonna say more about it. c:
For the others, you might just don't care about them.

Enjoyment : 7

If you are the kind of people who needs explication for why this happened or why they didn't do this ... just don't watch it. You're gonna be mad and just put a 1 to this. This show is just full of surprise and ''asspull'' but for this kind of show, i didn't care at all ! The comedy is hit or miss though. Like i said before, sometimes the jokes gets old or it's just ... doesn't work at all.

Do we need to watch the Yatterman series before watching it ? Not really. I haven't watched them and it's pretty simple to understand without them. However, some reference or jokes just gonna fly over your head and you might just think ... ''k'' (like me)

Overall : 7

It was a good adventure that will be forgotten pretty soon.
Try it, maybe you'll like it like me !