Mar 29, 2015
Ah, Dog Days. As a show that has received rather decent feedback on itself overall, one must wonder, with as of now, two, full, 12 episode seasons before Winter 2015, what does Dog Days" hold in store for us?

Story (7.00/10): Similar to the last two seasons, Dog Days and Dog Days', Dog Days" doesn't really deviate from what the series has already established. Sink, Rebecca, and Nanami return back to the land of Flonyard, the world where all of their animal-themed friends in order to spend more time with them and play.

As far as central plot goes, that's really all that Dog Days" has to offer. The setup for the anime is the same for the previous two seasons, so there's not really much to say there. However, apart from the two seasons, we do get some new content, something that Dog Days as a series always somehow manages to do. As a fantasy show, Dog Days spends a significant amount of time world building, essentially creating the world of Flonyard as we view the show, adding in more details and facts about the show than one would've known after just watching the first two seasons. I always found this to be a positive of the series more or less because of how crucial it is for a fantasy story to explain where and what is going on.

As for actual story content, Dog Days" does a strange mix. From watching the first two seasons, the first season is more plot based, with an overarching story that goes from one end of the runtime to the other. While the second season is more slice-of-life based, with the story more focused on day to day life, rather than conflict. This third season however, does a mix of both, combining both the plot driven story and day to day storytelling together. The only problem I see with this style of storytelling is the fact that the series sort of pulls itself into two different directions. Because of this, the more episodic parts don't really stack up to the rest of the season in terms of quality and importance.

Overall though, Dog Days" was an interesting addition to the Dog Days" franchise. Drawing in elements from the first two seasons and continuing with the world building that Dog Days actually does pretty well in, the show did pretty well with what it accomplished. While the show really isn't the most stellar in the grand scheme of things, with some parts of the show being lower in story quality than most, there aren't really that many things to say bad about this series.

+ World building
+ Continues where the story left off (kinda)
+/- Both overarching story + episodic elements
- Episodic styled episodes fall flat when comparing to ones of the other nature

Characters (7.00/10): As a sequel series to Dog Days', the characters in Dog Days" don't really change all that much. The series features the exact same cast of characters that are featured in the second season, without really much change in terms of personality or any other aspect. A lot of them are quite one-note characters and don't really have much personality beyond what we know about them, but in the long run, it doesn't particularly impact the story in a big way more or less due to the fact that they're characters that are quite easy to remember and they tie in very well to the series that they're featured in.

Following Dog Days tradition though, Dog Days" adds in a couple new characters that add in to the already expansive cast of the show with the customary one male character. (Grand total of recurring male characters is 4 everybody!) Each of the new characters gets varying importance and impact to the story, with the character known as Sharl sharing the role of Couverte in the last season, as being the cast member that was the most impactful.

While the characters in Dog Days do work in for the series, there are a couple things about Dog Days's characters that really gripes me. For one thing, the expansive cast dumbs down a lot of character importance. In the first season, the characters Sink and Millefiore really took the attention and were the two main characters of the show, with Eclair bearing similar if not as much importance as the Hero and Princess. But as you get through the second season, and now the third season, character importance really falls flat. No one is considered a "main character" anymore because they all share the spotlight with each other. Because of this, a couple choice characters don't really do anything in this season, and that's a huge disappointment because you don't really get a feel as to who is above in terms of character importance in this series. (Hell, Eclair barely does anything this season, and the series actually acknowledges it!)

+ Easy to recognize cast
+ New additions that served well for the series
- Character importance is non-existent
- No real development because of lack of character importance

Art and Sound (7.21/10): The art for Dog Days has been standard throughout its existence as a series. Giving off a moe style look with bright colors everywhere, Dog Days truly takes on its fantasy genre again with the whimsical and magical looking characters and scenery that is the world of Flonyard. The artstyle doesn't waver in quality over the course of the series, and stays rather stable throughout.

The action sequences are great to look at, with the execution of the fantasy style of fighting looking quite fluid and very aesthetically pleasing. And, in classic Dog Days fashion, there is some clothes ripping and some ecchi. Not as prominent as the previous two seasons, but it's still there. A downside of this season however is the fact that there aren't any customary war games like what's been featured before. So, if you were looking forward to that, sorry, it isn't here.

Sound on the other hand is a bit of a strange topic. For all three seasons, Dog Days has had the exact same people do the OP and the ED tracks for the series. (This is the first time I've ever seen this happen.) As a result of this, at the very least, the OP, sounds very similar to the style of the other two openings of the overall series. The ED on the other hand is slightly different with a happy-go-lucky style of music. Overall though, like the rest of the Dog Days tracks, there really isn't much to say. It's not memorable enough to get it stuck in your head, but recognizing the tracks becomes quite an easy task on account of how distinguishable this series can be.

+ Consistent art
+ Good battle scenes
+ Lack of ecchi. Still there, but a lot less (This is a good thing, trust me.)
+/- Good, but not really memorable soundtrack

Overall Enjoyment (7.21/10): Dog Days has been a series that I've known to be a relaxing show to watch. Because the show doesn't take its conflicts with the idea of the characters possibly losing or losing someone along the way, it's a nice fluff show that manages to be interesting regardless of whatever point you're watching it at.

Did I like this anime?

I did enjoy it, in fact. While not the most stellar series ever, Dog Days does manage to entertain with its laid-back style combined with fantasy action, which in turn, creates a rather nice viewing experience.

What didn't I like about this anime?

For one thing, the characters never really break their own boundaries. Because everyone is numbed down to equal ground all around, there really isn't much about them that is significant. This was a problem in the second season too, and it's a shame because harking back to the days of Dog Days the first season, the show did manage to make some of its characters more important, thus creating a slightly more gripping story that looking back, was better to an extent to this one.

Would I recommend this anime?

If you've watched both seasons of dog days and liked it, this won't be a bad experience for you. With its laid-back style, Dog Days has shone out to be a relatively good watch when one would want fantasy mixed in with action and slice-of-life. There really aren't too many bad points about this series, as it really grounds itself in the idea of being fluff above all else. Of course, if you're a kemonomimi fan, this is also a good watch because al but three characters are animal themed, so it also has that going for it.

Overall Score: 7.11/10
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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