Mar 28, 2015
OCDGARFan (All reviews)
It's a fun little Armored Trooper VOTOMS spin-off of a guy named Aki. He lives in a giant gap called Bottom, in a small village where he navigates through tunnels with his AT to find broken ATs from the Hundred Year War and junk them for a living. Sometimes he encounters creatures that burrow through these tunnels and tries to kill them. Normally he sits around and daydreams about going to the city above called Top.

This OVA is just a fun little thing the creators decided to do and pretty much nothing more. If you watch this hoping that characters from the original series show up, best not watch this with those hopes. This OVA has no relation with the original series and from what I read, it takes place centuries after Phantom Arc.

If you are a VOTOMS fan and feel like watching this for fun, then go ahead. Knock yourself out. You'll enjoy Aki's antics and his small adventure to save a kidnapped girl.