Mar 27, 2015
RarestProGamer (All reviews)
--------------------------Review contains minor spoilers---------------------------------------------------

Plot- In a futuristic Tokyo, unique human beings who have awakened distinct powers are being hunted by a secret organization named Custos. Known as "Attractors", these exceptional humans are joining forces to defend themselves. They are led by a boy named Quon, an idealist who is determined to save all the Attractors he can.

- This series is more like Japanese X-men version. Almost everything seems similar, mutants hiding in a special place getting trained and educated, how to control their powers etc. Quon is the main character or you can say Professor x of the series, he is determined to save all the "Attractors" and to put them at the right path. He has the ability to sense others who are about to awaken their powers, as well as transforming into Insania Quon. It has 6 episodes/movies each 48 minutes long.

Genres- Action, Mystery, Super Power, Supernatural

Story- 7.5/10 (Nothing extraordinary, but it still has it's charm that got me hooked. The only con I found, There aren't any explanation to any character's sudden power development or why all the havoc around the city?!)

Characters- 8.5/10 ( Well, it is kinda superhero movie. So, every character is lovable, but this series offers no background story or character's history. Just goes right into the action!)

Art- 10/10 (It is done by " Bones" which is responsible for FMA and FMA:B. So, it goes without saying. It is full stylish action pack where fight scenes are well executed)

Sound- 10/10 (This is what steals the series for me, background music is just brilliant and the sounds effects is freaking awesome. I highly recommend you to watch it on 720p nothing below that!)

Enjoyment-8/10 (Overall, I enjoyed it. I ignored all the flaws, If you want series with great fight scenes and pump up background music. This series is for you.)