Mar 27, 2015
Sorainnosia (All reviews)
Based off of the award winning manga series written by Iwaaki Hitoshi, coming from the highly praised Madhouse studio, with all excitement and intense story, Kiseijuu constantly finished this season with its fineness.

The story set-up in a realistic world where an unknown organism invaded earth and take over human bodies, accidentally one of that organism is trying to enter into someone's body, a body of a sleeping boy named Shinichi Izumi, but the organism can only take over Shinichi hand only. The incident created a bizarre creature that lives eventually in Shinichi's right hand. Meanwhile, other organisms that successfully take over a human / animal bodies is starting to attack the Civilians secretly and eat them. With that fact, Shinichi decided to fight other ruthless parasites with Migi's help.

In the story section, Kiseijuu have some notable succession. A bizarre yet successful settings brings Kiseijuu a glimpse of uniqueness to its story. The story actually not so complex, the concept is understandable and easy to remember. The individual elements of the story runs pretty well too, it was thrilling, and so exciting. The anime have a fairly balanced pacing while throwing some excitement & surprises at the same time. Kiseijuu added many other genres and mixed up into one big unity. One of them is romance, There is some scenes that included romance Although sometimes the romance felt awkward because the lack of process.

The other good thing is Kiseijuu successfully illustrated the true nature of a living creature, especially us humans. Kiseijuu left some moral lessons for the audience: "Life is a valuable thing, we have to respect of human and creature life"

The animation actually quite standard, not bad but not the best. The character design is decent, while, in the other hand, I fully appreciate the parasites design, it is well-illustrated & quite memorable, it success in bringing a grim & scary feeling to the screen.

For the sound settings, I personally adore the Opening song “Let Me Hear” sung by Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, it is really a great upbeat song with a real mixture of Electric & Rock. As for the background music, Kiseijuu did an excellent job in bringing such music, the music fluidly mixed up with the story in a great way, it is really fit & fresh in brain. There is nothing to say for the voice actors, it just awesome.

In the character section, we have our main characters, the duo consist of Izumi Shinichi & the alien that live in his right arm named Migi. The character development centered in Izumi Shinichi, from the start of to the end, Shinichi’s have various changes including his attitude & appearance. Just like other great characters , he developed from zero to hero. From a sniffing & coward boy, he grows into a more mature & reliable man. The development describe very well. While Migi, the parasite that live in Shinichi’s hand have a meaningful role, a sense of friendship is also described between them as the story progress. While various villain with a different motive also did well in their roles. The other supporting characters do their roles pretty well. It is really good indeed.

In the end, it’s just another great series. It is fully recommended if you a fan of the individual elements that included in the story, and if you seek an anime with full of excitement, proper character development, & intense storyline then Parasite is your menu.