Mar 26, 2015
JBKeyser (All reviews)
TL;DR: 8/10

Copied from my Tumblr review

This story guys. I can’t… Gah, it feels good. I mean, there are some cliches here and there but it touches them so very gently.

Everyone looks the right age, the characters are built well and even when everything goes wrong I don’t feel like sticking my head in a bucket of water called my tears. Not that this is terrible, some would say that’s not entirely good either, I love being frustrated and to the point where I wish to throw my laptop at the wall. When it comes to rom-coms like this, this should always be feeling they try to achieve. Everything is set up so well… except the time break.

It’s a jarring break because it’s not transitioned properly. It took me a few page flips to find out how many years had passed from a certain plot point. Even with that singular, though rather big problem, I would definitely recommend it.