Mar 26, 2015
protos123 (All reviews)
This review goes for first and second OVA, aired recently.

I must say that both of them are fulfiled with feels and emotions.

The first one is only emotions it goes around Hina. As always, out cute loli can't get better.

The second one.. oh god.. It's like the end of all the series? I want to believe it. I don't want to spoiler but it has one of the most amazing endings ever. Characters have grown up 4 years and the girls are now in their new lives with their "papa". Their parents come back from "the other world" just to check their little kids one more time

Art 9/10

Always loved how the girls are drawn. Extremely cute..

Sound 8/10

Nothing so special, same OST I guess..

Characters 10/10

All the characters are perfect. I just love each of their personalities

Overall 9/10

Enjoyable OVAs, I really loved them.