Mar 24, 2015
raden__ (All reviews)
this is the first time i review a manga . because usually i watched an anime

Story :
well, the story is sweet and worth to read it. alhought it just one shot story. i'm not the type of spoiler it. so if you want to know , try to read it .

Art :
lovely and cute . tachibana hair (the main girl) is cute .

Character :
mikami the boy main character is bossy, and have that kowaii face look . but he is actually good person.
tachibana full of energy person, but didn't have any friends

Enjoyment - i enjoy it , even thought this story maybe too ordinary. but i don't know i still read it

Overall - i give it 8/10 because i am a bit interested with the story even thought it's just one shot story. well i'm not a critical person i guess.