Mar 16, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)

You may have heard of this title thanks to the efforts of people that intentionally find and review old, TERRIBLE anime like and Bennett the Sage. However, it is a different experience to actually witness this animated atrocity with your own eyes and hear the god awful voice acting with your own ears. Why would you ever watch such a reprehensible pile of shit? Well... TvTropes likes to call it "Narm".

Story: 2/10

The story is supposed to take lots of cliches from American cop movies and create an anime version of a 1980s action film. However, unlike Baccano which does a great job recycling and paying homage to American pop culture, Mad Bull 34 would be like if a schizophrenic psychopath took up the job of writing and directing a "buddy cop film". This a show where a 9 foot tall police officer super glues grenades to his pubic hair and painfully rips out the hair covered grenades to throw at bad guys, who then proceed to explode into a literal rain of poorly drawn body parts! The dialogue is so memorably awful it will have you in stitches. If I ever wanted to commit suicide, I would drive around New York City and shout out the window in my Meowth style New York accent all the stuff the cops yell in Mad Bull 34! " Suck my ass and call it strawberry ice cream you bunch o limp dicked faggots!" The series is divided into multiple story arcs, with each one as terribly written and directed as the last. Actually I think they get progressively stupider as difficult as that is to believe after witnessing the first installment. The only constant is that in every episode: a blonde woman will get raped, Sleepy will bang 10 chicks and brutally murder 20 petty criminals, and Sleepy and Eddy will dress in extremely unconvincing drag for basically no reason.

Characters: 2/10

Eddie is the young, naive, good guy cop and Sleepy "Mad Bull" Estez is the loose cannon bad cop. That is about all the character development that you will get in this series. Oh yeah, and the police commissioner as virtually every reviewer before me has pointed out is essentially the spawn of Satan!

Art and sound: 2/10

This had a very low production value, so unsurprisingly the music and especially the art are ABYSMAL!

Entertainment: 9/10

This is perhaps my favorite so bad it's awesome anime. VERY few comedy anime have made me laugh so hard! Some anime like "Pupa" are simply bad and no entertainment can really be derived form them, unless you really enjoy sadistically forcing a friend to watch it. Other bad anime are actually enjoyably terrible, and this is perhaps the crowing example.

Overall: 4/10

As horrible as the writing, plot, characters, art, sound, and voice acting all are, this series is still side splitting unintentional comedy throughout virtually the entirety of its duration. Sadly, the only time you won't be laughing your ass off, is when the writing is actually TRYING to tell a joke. Much like Uwe Boll in that last regard. I would check it out if you are a big fan of bad movies and SHIT anime!