Mar 15, 2015
sushi-kushi (All reviews)
With an all male cast, you'd expect the producers to take the usual fan-service route as we watch the bight, glistening lives of these up and coming idols. But Shounen Hollywood gave me a pleasant surprise.

First, this show won't please everyone. That's just that. For the same reason not everyone loves a bubbly romance or a quirky comedy, it's all preference and personal taste. Also this is just going to be an informal review focusing on the pros of the series.

If you've been watching loads of fast pace, action packed shows and need a little breather, then maybe you might want to give this anime a chance. Shounen Hollywood is a slice of life through and through, and also one of the most realist works I've seen in a long time. The art style itself is more realistic then most anime (but hey different's not bad and it is all still just an art form). It's has a slow, easygoing pace most of the time, and that's where I think this series deserves some credit. It doesn't try to entertain it's audience with tones of drama, traumatic back stories, or shinning comebacks. Rather we see these teenagers as they struggle with their personal problems, insecurities, how they deal with each other, and how they ultimately grow together to make Shounen Hollywood (their group) a success.

Anyone familiar with the world of music would know that it takes A LOT of time and work if you want to make a name for yourself. And I like how Shounen Hollywood takes it's time, using a good majority of it portraying how they're just practicing to improve nonstop. Cause the reality is, your not going to get those fans unless you put your best efforts out there.

A last point worth mentioning is how fun this is to watch if you are a J-pop fan. Btw, I said this show was realistic but there's probably some people who would beg to differ. And I want to clarify that this show is realistic from a more Japanese perspective. Just different cultures, different values, different norms, you probably get it. So anyways back to my point. The Japanese idol industry is quite different then western pop music, and it was great to see it from a behind-the-scenes sort of way. There were several moments when I saw how several of my favorite guy groups had done or said the exact same things as these characters. And I laughed when realizing, like the Shounen Hollywood members, they probably get embarrassed having to say cliche catch phrases and pickup lines too. The songs themselves remind me of the J-idol style of music.

Despite what I've said about it, Shounen Hollywood does have times it could have been better. I truthfully enjoyed it but after all is said and done, I really can't say it was an extraordinary show. Other reviews say plenty on what kind of flaws it has so I won't. But since none of them highlighted what Shounen Hollywood did do right, I though I'd be the one to at least mention them.