Mar 15, 2015
sdb68 (All reviews)
ok so my first review. apologies in advance, this is not going to have some of the detailed breakdowns i have seen in many other (really helpful) reviews.

sigh. this hentai frustrated me. i feel that there was a decent storyline here trying to get out, but the final result was a confused mess. the set up is quite nicely done in the first three episodes, involving an old family curse, abductions, mind control and an evil matriarch, but by episode four my heart gradually sank as i realised the conclusion was going to be unsatisfactory; and it was, with the plot lines left completely unresolved. what happened to suzana's mum? or her dad for that matter? koichi's friend? the maids? suzana's cousin? you get the picture. the storyline goes nowhere. the huge jumps in time, where night becomes day in a heartbeat, adds to the general sense of confusion.

fair enough you may say, it's hentai. the plot doesn't matter. sex. it's the sex we want. i hear ya. i watch hentai for well drawn, explicit and erotic sex too. unfortunately, moonlight lady does not deliver in that regard either. first of all, many of the scenes are rapey. i can't get comfortable with sex scenes where the woman involved is clearly saying no. second, the guy doesn't make a sound. not even when he comes. he's having the best sex of his life, with multiple gorgeous women, and he has nout to say. you can forget any horny facial expressions on his part too, as his face is hidden most of the time. the animation of the sexual encounters are quite awkwardly drawn too, so for example the hip positions are mismatched to the extent that sex cannot realistically be taking place, yet we are supposed to believe that it is. there is a fair bit of yuri if you like that sort of thing, and if you have a cum or breast fetish then you may like this.

on the plus side, the animation is bright and clean, and at least suzana has some reasonable characterisation - no-one else does unfortunately.

usually when i watch a poor hentai i just give it a low rating on MAL and move on, but i felt so let down by the wasted potential of this animation i was moved to write something. oh well. the hunt for good hentai continues.