Mar 14, 2015
whiteteeth (All reviews)
I dislike being mean when i give a review, but i promised to myself to be sincere every time i give one.

Marginal Prince falls under the category of "it was so BAD it made me LAUGH". People who reviewed about this being terrible weren't joking to you, truly... the only reason i didn't drop it off from the start was because it gave me a sheer amount of laughter in every episode.

Welcome to the world of Marginal Prince! The worst Anime based of a dating game yet to be made.
Main character (who is a dude instead of the main girl in the game) is the new guy in this amazing all-boy academy. At the beginning it seems that this will fall in the category of "new guy in school who gets fawn over by everyone", but in reality Marginal Prince is wrongly labeled, it is NOT a shounen ai... and that makes the story even more pointless.
The thing is that THERE IS NO STORY. We have random pieces of plot scattered everywhere dealing with the character's back stories that we don't really care about.

The worst yet most hilarious part is that the characters sing. Yes. They sing. Out of nowhere. IN THE RAIN.
I love my good musicals, but... this wasn't suppose to be a musical, or is it?

Everything is random and pointless.

I don't suggest you to watch it but if you really want to i bet you at least will get a few laughs on how WTF everything is.