Mar 14, 2015
whiteteeth (All reviews)
When i started reading/watching the manga and the anime of Fairy Tail i was really enthusiastic.
As someone who grew up watching shounen this anime had everything i was looking for genre-wise: a huge cast of characters with amazing and diverse powers, jaw-dropping battles, and an interesting plot that i thought could only get better by each episode.
The problem was... that as time passed by, everything that originally made me gasp and yelled in excitement, grew duller and duller.

The first few arcs of the story, in my opinion, were really enjoyable. But suddenly it became painfully repetitive, and instead of giving an answers to all the questions that were presented in the beginning, they kept adding more and more. More villains, more characters, more unanswered questions. Suddenly they were dealing with alternative realities and time travel, and so many things that were far away from the original plot... and sadly i had to stop watching it all together as i wasn't having fun anymore.
In my opinion, this constant necessity of adding and adding is what killed this poor anime. It could have been SO much better if they decided to concentrate in only one thing at the time, instead of scattering storylines everywhere.

That said, the first few arcs of the story are worth watching. I like the four lead characters a bunch, they are very diverse and have likable personalities.
But if you decided to start watching, keep in mind that it will start getting old somewhere in the way.