Mar 12, 2015
dudeslegitt (All reviews)
Overall, this manga is pretty good,in my opinon. Well, at least enjoyable. If you enjoy reading shoujo manga you will most likely enjoy this manga. I like to read shoujo sometimes, and yes, this isn't the most unique storyline for a manga , but I find myself intruiged by it, as I was constantly flicking onto the next chapter.

I liked this manga as it was a bit different than many other shoujo mangas that I have read which were something along the lines - 'i like him,but he can't know' or something like that.What I mean is that I liked this manga because I like the way it portrayed a relationship between two childhood friends and it wasn't anything along the lines of chasing a boy or something like that.

The art is quite nice and I like the design of the characters.I also like the character development.

I recommend this manga to anyone who likes shoujo and romance.Although I think that I may have enjoyed this manga more than I should have.