Mar 10, 2015
daimonfo (All reviews)
Warning - This is a hentai. Nudity, sex and censoring.
Also mild form of violence, in a form of rape but its ... complicated.

It started like it had a story, but very quickly descended to have none whatsoever. There are flashbacks to something that might point to a story - but it just doesn't exist.

The female characters are in the least - anxious and conflicting. There are two girls and both of them have wild mood swings. One second they beg for it, the next they threaten to kill him. Magical PMS. That or they are frantically insane.

The male character has very little voice time. Its like he is emotionless. He doesn't even moan whilst having sex, at all. He only speaks after the sex and in very short intervals. The hentai is trying to portrait him as being a dual personality - going brute once he is excited. But after sex is over, he literally turns into an object. He is being ashamed for what he is (and adds to the fact that he barely uses his mouth).

If you forget all of the above, the hentai does have pretty good sex scenes. The whole "rape" thing where the guy gets excited and has his way. The red haired wizard girl is getting it all the way, in many styles. I think you will be satisfied with the sex involved and the little interlude it has.

Its an okay hentai. I've seen way better, but this one has redeeming factor in the sex and brutality. This is all IMO, try it and see. Maybe you'll like it more than I did.