Mar 9, 2015
ap1001 (All reviews)
The synopsis is bullshit, grimdark my ass, MAL need to pay more attetion to the false information they are handing out. This is more closer to a cheesy 80s action film, than whatever MAL is telling you.

Story - 8
Written by Kamachi.exe, the best LN writing program ever, famous for writing Toaru, but his other series are also very good. Heavy Object focus on, blah blah blah UN, blah blah blah politics, blah blah blah clean war...

Look it is about two soldiers taking down giant robots with nothing other than explosives, guns and the help of another giant robot (this does't happen often).

It is not deep, no amazing plot, it promises you awesome people on people and people on robot action and give you exactly that. Basically it is what happens when Hollywood produces an action LN instead of action movie. Full of ridiculous overpowered robots who have always have some weakness in their design or pilot, versus our heroes, two regular soldiers who is armed with nothing but their guns, brains, explosives and whatever help they could scrap up.

It is dumb and it is incredibly funny.

Character - 8
Quenser and Helvia are two soldiers who lucked out one time in destroying an object (a super killing machine) while it is in maintenance. Because of this they were awarded with fame, medals and the chance to do it again (boom) and again (boom,boom) and AGAIN! In fact they survived and destroyed so many objects they were nicknamed the dragon slayers, and their (very hot) superior had been using the two as a special trump card when ever they don't want to fight straight on. Wacky hijinks ensues as the two take on giant killing machines with their as the two fight with all they have so that Helvia may one day go home and take over the family business as royalty and Quensar may one day go out with the hot Milinda, both as likely to happen as Touma getting married or Kyousuke proposing to his hot YANDERE summoning.

Overall - 8
If you like man fighting against giant robots with a bit of tactic, you would love it. If you like wacky hijinks, you would also love it.