Mar 9, 2015
whiteteeth (All reviews)
As with any genre, yaoi/shounenai is often criticized by people who doesn't like it. Actually shounen ai (and shoujo ai too) is mostly the same as ANY romantic comedy anime out there, the only difference is that the main couple features homoromantic characters, which tends to scare off straight viewers.

The thing with "Love Stage!!", what makes it so special, it's that for some reason it seems to have broken that genre barrier, and a big part of their viewers are straight male people who don't usually watch shounenai/yaoi shows.

The premise of the story is very simple: Ryouma, a famous actor, fell in love with a girl when he was a child and has been obsessed with her memory since then, and once he meets 'her' again, now as a young adult, he discovers 'she' was actually a him: Izumi, a clumsy otaku with a showbusiness family.

What makes it SO good is both the comedic value, because the story is tremendously HILARIOUS, and the characters itself, which are really very well developed in just a few episodes.

The art is pretty cool, nothing out of the "shoujo norm", but myself, i love the character design a lot. But i'm biased because i really love Zaou Taishi's drawing style.

So, i must say that if you are a fujoshi/fudanshi or a person who appreciates the genre just like me, this is a MUST watch.
If you are a viewer who usually doesn't like yaoi/shounenai, or you haven't watch one ever, i will give it a try. Odds are you are going to like it... and if not, at least it's worth the laughs.