Mar 9, 2015
whiteteeth (All reviews)
I made a review about the third Madoka movie yesterday, and i will quote the beginning of it because it applys to the anime:

"You either love or hate Madoka, that's my conclusion after discussing this series with friends and acquaintances that have watched it too. I believe it wasn't an anime that was meant for the "magical girl" genre fanatic, but for the anime fans who love crazy visuals and stories with dark twists. "

That said, i'm not meaning that magical girl genre viewers would not like it, but if you watch it expecting to follow the canonical way in which that genre is constructed, you will be really disappointed.

Madoka's real plot is disguised as a Magical Girl series in their exterior, when in reality is more closed to the psychological thriller genre. I actually suggest people not to read about this series before watching it, as it is much more rewarding if you watch it without knowing what to expect... the series is full of dark unexpected plot twist in most episodes, and spoiling them makes you loose half of the experience.
I can't promise you will like it, because, as i said, you have a love/hate thing going on in here, but i can promise enjoyment and a bunch of surprises.

That said, there's ONE thing that all viewers agree in: The visuals are AMAZING, original, they blow your mind. And the animation sequences are really fluid, and if you are an animation fanatic you will get really excited.